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  • Hi Ditzy, I just read your post (back in April) about warm wax training with Capital you did in May. I just booked on with them today for the 8th July and wondered what you made of it?
    Thanks hun, look forward to your reply!
    Sarah. x
    Of course!
    That sounds fab! I work for VW at the minute, I've always wanted one of those! xx
    well its only 3:55 day not over yet
    but it beautiful its sunny and 78
    hi the course is going well thank you and yours?? i must admit thought about leaving as the teachers are quiet bit*** alway putting everyone down, just not good enough for them. But apart from that enjoying it. What about your courses?? what level are you at? xx
    I'm in a Norwich. Haven't been to the Lindy Hop club you mention, I'll bet the dancers are fab!!! My favourite place to go is called the Rhythm Riot, it's a weekender in November, anyone who's been will tell you the dancing, music, style, hair make-up, oh, just EVERYTHING is wonderful!!!
    Hi doll. Where do you live?

    Have you ever been to the Lindy Hop club near Marble Arch in London? God...........some amazing dancers. I used to date a singer from a big band and he sang there regularly. xxx
    hi ditzy, just thought id say hi, ( im the one with the ragdoll cats )!! lol i love vw campervans, i saw one the other week all restored, it was cream and sky blue, white washed wheels and beautifull chrome work, and little curtains in the windows - beautifull. Id love one :) x
    I will be, but haven't arranged anything yet! I planned on Dubfreeze, and Volksworld show, and they've both fallen through! Then there's Whitenoise, which doesn't look like it's happening this year! Oh, I need to campaign for another day in the week!

    You going to any meets?
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