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    Shellac top coat

    Just a quickie, is Shellac top coat supposed to be thicker than the colour and base coat? I did shake it very well, done 3 sets of nails so far with Shellac and loving it but my top coat seems very thick. It actually reminds me of the Brisa top coat! Thanks:hug:
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    OMG Tescos are now doing beauty

    Tesco are planning to take over the world, mark my words!
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    What are Derby/Nottingham areas like to live?

    just thinking aloud here. I have to sell my house next year, and I cannot afford to live in Norwich any longer:cry: so now that my children have grown up and I don't really have any other ties, I'm thinking of moving to another part of the country. Does anyone rate the Derby/Nottingham areas...
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    No worries my lovely xx

    No worries my lovely xx
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    Hi, thanks for your visitor message, however, please note that I didn't make any comments on the...

    Hi, thanks for your visitor message, however, please note that I didn't make any comments on the matter until just reading that thread for the first time since posting the original question! I believe someone else had a discussion on it, but it wasn't me! x
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    How do you get listed with distributor?

    SHEESH:eek: Ever wish you'd never asked a question? My original post's query was answered very nicely thanks, by all companies who replied:hug: Can I just also say, it appears that one or two people may be under the impression that I have said that I am unhappy with how a company may choose...
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    How do you get listed with distributor?

    I was wondering, how do companies like Sweet Squared, LeChat, EzFlow, NSI, etc. decide on who to list as salons that offer their treatments? I mean, like, a member of the public calls them and asks for the name of a salon that offers the products in her area? Do they go by who has ordered it...
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    Professional Beauty 2011 - London Baby!

    Brace yourself if it's your first, and leave the plastic at home! I love the trade shows, but I spend sooo much money at them:green: Am considering going, not decided yet
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    Another Manicure table question..Sorry

    and one that's not too heavy. Mine came from Capital a couple of years ago, came with a bag which is nice, but it's very heavy to lug around. I often feel like going back to my folding camping table i used to use:confused: only problem then is that it's so light that it wobbles when i'm filing...
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    Gel giving off a burning sensation

    Welcome back!:hug: Can I ask which gel you're using? And which lamp?
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    Facebook: Pages and Groups? I'm confused!

    That's brilliant, thanks, much clearer now.:hug:
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    Rock Star Nails?

    OOOOOOHH! I luuurve them! Gotta have me a play doing this, I've got some holographic glitter that should be perfect for this!
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    Minx over Shellac then removed?

    I know this sounds wierd, hear me out! I just got my Shellac and am dying to try it out. However, there's an alternative (ie goth/punk) fair coming up, and I'd like to put some funky MINX on to parade around, and hand out a few flyers, business cards, etc. So I was wondering, if I put my...
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    Facebook: Pages and Groups? I'm confused!

    I'm really sorry but I'm so confused by Facebook. Been on it for ages, but I still don't understand the difference between a facebook page and a group. And I don't understand which is better to create for my mobile business? If anyone can clear this confusion up for me I'd be extremely...
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    What car do you drive?

    I have a Daewoo Nubira estate and it's just plain awful. Bought it 'cos it was like new, really looked after, but it's so cheap and nasty, bad fuel economy, always steamed up since the cold weather began, I just can't wait to get rid. Gonna get me a Ford Galaxy 'cos I need big to tow a...