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  • I have silver and Pink red though,
    I have black and gold nails on atm...(in my album) they would look funky in red and gold !!!!!!!
    oh and you were both right, we didn't go through widnes lol...and my mate laughed her head of when I told her I'd said we did ...her mum laughed at me too lol
    Hun it was a bloody nightmare, check out my blog lol...
    I didn't get home untill about an hour ago...
    And I am so sorry about rushing off on you like that
    I felt awful rude xxxx
    Hi hun Ive corrected the link for my bro`s web link hope you have time to listen. thanks. x
    hi im in timperley cheshire i can spray you if you live locally i use xen tan or urban tan x
    got more pics of the dogs than I have of the kids!! whats your email address and i'll send you some :) we just bought a caravan too, for shows and rallies during the winter, you going to work your one? Freezing cold, up about 4am, drive for miles and run around in forests on a rig - what more fun could you want?? lol, seen Sammy's joining in too!!
    wow you've done well then! we have only been showing him since he was 6 months and he's just over two now. It'll be my first time showing with her, nervous as anything lol.. its a local open show. Was going to do LKA but there are no malamute classes so giving it a miss now. Manchester is not a champ show for us either, only get 7, first one for us is Crufts, first one for her will be Birmingham in April/May?
    oops havent got the hang of this message thing yet! lol go to its a malamute forum, some great info on there, a few people are a bit of a pain but in general its a great place for all things malamute! :) he's doing good at the shows, crufts qualified since the last crufts, she's got her first show in January cos she's just 6 months.
    hiya! thanks, he is a pretty boy lol. We have two, Jester and Muffin. where you getting yours from?
    Ooooh make sure you go and get a £12 goodies bag from Jelly Pong Pong!!! Its brilliant!! You get loads!!!
    Max loves his aunty sam very much...why else would he slobber all over you.... bash you with his minging toys... pee at your feet when you walk in the room....and sniff up your arse so much !
    Your his favourite !!! lol..
    He will still love you....(just drug him up that much so he doesn't remember a thing hahaha)
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