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  • Would you not just buy the liquids in Dublin when you get here. You could get the small ones
    Ok we're booked in on the Tuesday night as well. Right missus, have a good day :p
    I have it booked for Wednesday to Saturday. So just to add Tuesday then, yes?
    We're getting a healthy discount as my sister in law booked it for me and she works there. Keep that under your hat as others may kick off if they hear that. You know yourself!! Ok I'll call them tomorrow and try and get Tuesday as well, will suit me too. Will be fresher instead of having to get up at 6am and then a 2 hour drive to get there
    Tasha are you in Tuesday or early Wednesday? Wondering should we book the Tuesday night too
    I've heard quite a bit about the Mica powders but have to honest I'm a CND freak so tend to stick to their additives. I don't get to change my shellac as often as I'd like, my current one has been on 15 days, as I have 3 kids, and my youngest is 9 months and my 5 year old is disabled so time is a precious commodity, I can't believe where the days go as it is ;). Teaches me to appreciate when I do get my nails done though, hallelujah for Brisa Lite Smoothing! Xx
    Bad DBD :wink2:

    I know nothing about reps etc, I'm just loving how certain members on here are really helpful. :biggrin:

    I've just got some mica powders from the colour shack on ebay and i normally don't do dark colours on myself but I've got Deep plum and it's so nice, might have to try it in a week! (jeez I'm always chopping and changing! lol)
    Bless ya, no ones ever used the word "stunningly" and my nails together, theres hope for me yet. x
    Just wanted you to know that I have credited Divinebydesign for the Fake Shellac poster in my album and in several posts. I am most grateful, I think it will help many people.
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