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  • Yea very similar! That's why it's easy to speak both hehe
    Thank you for the compliment. x If you ever need any help, don't be afraid to ask :)
    Aw Dizzy, thanks so much. I am super new and am only offering natural nails. I wanted to do Brisa gel and L&P but it is a lot more money for me at the moment also It means I would have to take everything from the beginning again!

    For dainty nails, try brush size 6! I prefer size 6 the best for correcting french or even smaller. I will take a photo of my brush to show you? what's your email addy? You can private message me. x
    Hey dizzy, I'm loving all the nail art be fingernailfixer on YouTube, she does multi - tonal foils. Gorgeous. She uses shellac but I reckon you could adapt using relish. What do you think, dizzy? X I'm rather new myself but I'm trying hard to improve my work :) x
    nope no problem with me but when i do mine, i gently press the glitter first until i get good coverage. I then rub or brush off access glitter gently. You dont need to rub them hard or anything :) let me know how you get on! :):)
    Hey DizzyPanda, I dont wet my brush and you can still pick up a good amonnt. Give it a go and see what you think. If you brush doesnt pick up enough glitter for you, try dampen your brush with 90% alcohol. only dampen not wet LOL.

    I find the oval brush works for me, you could try your fluffy one and if it works for you that that's great, init? :) x mona

    Just replying to your picture comment. The glitters I use are all Martha Stewart, you can buy them here if you google, Amazon have sellers that have them. They come in collections and you get lots of great colours. They are more expensive if you buy them here. I got mine from here and also from America off ebay. There are some good prices including the postage if you look on ebay.com.

    Hope this helps.

    Jackie xx
    Hi Dizzy Panda, Thanks for your photo comment :) I used a matha stwart red glitter but i bought these before SweetSquared launched their Glitter. what i did was, picking up a bit of glitter with my dry oval brush and starting from the tip of the nail, rubbing glitter onto the sticky layer of cured colour coat, gently does it. Then pick up some more glitter and flick the brush lightly so some glitter splattering towards the eponychium.

    Hope this helps :) x mona
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