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    Wahooo! Certificates

    Thankyou dear.. Also i am waiting for a phone call from a local gelish tutor in area ( amber ) so thankyou for all the info you gave me ducky. Really appriciated xx
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    Wahooo! Certificates

    Can i be nosey and ask where you find more info about the gelish day? Do you have to get to get tickets etc? Im deciding between gelish and shellac so i would love to go see it first? Thankyou x
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    Wowcher nail art..

    On wowcher atm is an offer.. £24.00 for a 2 hour nail art including flicks, dotting, marbling, application of gems and more. Saving £45.00 It is at Prestige Hair & Beauty in derby! Would anyone reccommend this?
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    Wahooo! Certificates

    Well done miss! I bet your so proud of yourself now ( and great piccy ) Can i ask how much did you pay for it all? X
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    The thing I hate about enhancements...

    Oh yes i know that feeling. I try not to have them much, And as soon as i finish them on myself i think ( why did i do that ) as i always get an itch after everytime. thankgod for kids though lol x
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    Brisa gel course

    Thankyou x Fee x, I thought you did but wasnt sure, I have spoken to them and been advised to do the beginners course, Which i really want to do but cant afford it right now, So then thought about doing the shellac course which i dont mind doing. Just a boost to get clients and save to get a...
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    Brisa gel course

    Well im stuck now, As im wanting to do brisa gel now, Im not sure if i can just go onto S2 and now order the master kit or do i have to do the brisa course, Because also will i be able to get insurance if i just order the kit and practise on my clients my myself ( obv by telling them im learning...
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    Shellac and acrylic courses...Help!!

    Just reading this thread, And im in the same boat, but i completed nail technology in 2010, i stopped for a year and now getting back onto it. And im going to be doing a course from S2 and cant bloody wait. But also thankyou victoriabar because iv had struggle finding a good insurance while im...
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    Comment by 'dlc88' in media '46293.jpg'

    Wow .. Bloody fanastic. They are stunning and so fashionable.! X
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    Buying NSI gel products

    Thankyou for that izzidoll. Iv just decided yesterday im going to try CND, Iv reserched it alot, And read alot about it on here, And met somebody today that advised me on how it works so good and nice. So i will let you know NailAddiction. XX
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    BeautyUK 2012??

    Good idea. Iv got to phone them tomorrow actually, So I will enquiry about it all too. Thankyou :-) xx
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    BeautyUK 2012??

    Hi all, Im thinking of going to the BeautyUK 2012 show, As anyone ever been to this before? Im hoping to see alot of nail products, Tips and info so if any of you has been, do you get all of this from there? Iv never been to a nail show, But this is the only one i can find. P.S as i have now...
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    Thanks alot, Means alot :-) X

    Thanks alot, Means alot :-) X
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    Hi there geeg, I do appriciate what information you gave me and to help me with encouraging the...

    Hi there geeg, I do appriciate what information you gave me and to help me with encouraging the others to explain about the products they use. So im sorry if that post caused you to think unlikely off me, I dont want that from anyone. But god this site... Is toooo full of too much information...
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    Thick UV gel?

    Since i have joined this site, I have now sorted my insurance and also ordered alot of new products which has cost me quite abit. So not a any point do i want to be working cash in hand at all. I am on this site to be getting advice, And tips so i there for can go self employed and to be doing...