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  • How you doing Dolci? Not long to go now. Hope you've got your bag packed and ready!
    Aww thats good :) Good for you! Yeah I know I think about what would happen if I wanted kids with being self employed and it seems hard because you dont want to take too much time off either eh? :/. My place is doing fine, just ticking along. Still have some quiet days and stuff but it will take time. What about yours? xxx
    God I just noticed in the shout box that you are pregnant! Congrats!! You must have been busy on that honeymoon haha ;) How are you feeling? Whats your plans for the salon whilst your on maternity leave? Its not as easy when your self employed eh? xxxx
    Aw yeah that sounds like fun, always good to impart your wisdom :) Is it you whos getting married? You enhoy your holidays, its probably all you will get :) xxx
    Hey love sorry I havent got back to you, im not on the computer much :) Oh its going fine, picking up and seeing people adding more treatments on now its summer. People wanting their toes done and what not. Thank you for asking. What about you? xxx
    Ohh haha I dont even remember lol! How are you love? How is business? I still havent plucked up the courage to come get waxed! lol :) xxx
    I private mailed you dolci. Its easier for me to see what im replying to lol. xxx
    I am stressed lol yeah! Im trying to get everything organised but the room is still not 100% finished so theres nothing I can really do you know?

    Well she has courses in Jan so was wanting to do that and brow deisign. I never order with Thalgo always beauty express. But I suppose I should probably start shouldnt I? Just because beauty express always do VAT free and stuff.

    The price for HD brows is a joke isnt it. Considering the kit you get is worth £280 or something. So do you know how much this course will be?

    I dont know, I think I will just go with Kim. What you think?

    Oh well that wont be good doing it on your birthday lol! Is it for L&P you want to do? I would need a whole new course as my college training was so rubbish for that. IM not planning on ever offering them which is worrying me because people are asking.

    Do you do semi permanent eyelashes aswell? See I went on a course about 14 months ago in my last job, they sent me, but had no time to practice. And to be honest I dont know if it was for me, I found it really difficult. So I am not offering this either which is also worrying me! xxxx

    How business for you? x
    Thanks for the friend request :) And sorry I didnt reply to your last private mail I am upto my eyeballs with this room as you can imagine.

    BTW did you do speed waxing with Kim? What did you think? Did you learn alot and was it worth it?

    I am thinking of booking this and the Ibrow design in January. That instead of HD brows as that is extorionate!

    Hi Lauren, just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world for your new salon.
    It looks fab by the way, where abouts in Rutherglen are you? Im in Shawlands so not to far away might be able to send some customers your way xx
    Thanks so much for decal info; just ordered one ("Beauty is everywhere")
    Are they easy to apply - went for 150cms wide?
    Hi I saw you did Kim's waxing course. I was just wondering if she gave you any handouts or training materials I could take a look at.
    My daughter did an unacredited course and what she was taught does not seem right to me.
    Oh yea Grangemouth isn't far from me I went to Falkirk college to study. Yea it's amazing the size of the salon my beauty room is so big XX
    Hey I work at mandarins hair and beauty in bannockburn, Stirling. My boss is on here kimi1101 you might have noticed x
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