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  • Thankyou for your comment on my photo. I havent been on here for a while so I have only just seen it xx
    Thankyou doll...sorry i dont think i know your proper name lol. Im feeling a bit better but still got bit of a cold thou xx
    Not done any for a couple of days coz been feeling a bit poorly. I have done 7 sets on my second card...was going to do the full 60 sets but im gonna half that amount to 30 and save every 5th set...dunno yet i'll see how i can on. 60 sets is just too boring on one stupid plastic hand where no nail on this earth exists on a real person! :-D xx
    Oh thats great news, that was my problem too but building up the apex isnt a big problem i have managed to solve that one already. If you dont know how think it should be then how can you do it right first time! You watch mines prob gone way too thick now pmsl. Well done with your tipping xx
    Im glad that you managed to overlay a natual nail better then the training there is still hope for me! Im gonna try this one myself later :)
    I know what you mean by not doing any practicing for a while...i also had a bit of a break from it a couple of weeks ago when the tipping wasnt going very well. xxx
    Hi hun, the course going in need of lots of practice thou! lol Im not very good at applying the Acrylic, im finding it really hard but suppose it will come with plenty of practice. How's yours going? (which one were you doing again?) xx
    LOL, i first posted this on my own msg board not thinking that i should be writing it on your board (i think) doh! lol
    Thanks for your lovely comment about my wedding dress! I loved it too! Didn't want to take it off!!! x
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