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  • Hi where about are you? I am in midlands too. You will get lots of help via sg and hopefully get more confidence x
    Im more than happy for a swap,we may as well haha!! i know its short notice but do you have any appointmets for next week at all? i only want a few rows in for thickness, ill still do you a full head though :) xx
    Dont worry, how much do you charge to fit them? Or im happy to fit yours free when you next have them?xx
    Hi! you replied to my service swap thing about hair extensions. your not far from me! well do let me know when you need a new set! i need mine doing end of october if you could maybe fit them for me? Thanks a mill!! Also if you dont want yours doing how much do you charge for fitting? thanks again :) xxx
    Hi! Not heard back from Tasha Jacks yet but a couple of geeks have given me an answer and they all say it's great quality. Only one person has had an issue with it on one occasion and she said that Tasha did everything she could to sort it out. Think I might give it a go as my mid range next to Celeb Elite and see what happens x
    lol :L Ok, will send them a wee email and see what they say about the hair, have also asked a few other geeks on here to see what comes back. Will let you know xx
    Hi there, I'm such a newbie when it comes to hair extensions and i need all the help i can get! Can you please tell me if you have had any experience with Tasha Jacks Chinese Asian Hair? It's half the price of her other hair which i'm not sure is Indian or european? I really want to use this as my superior range and Maybe the Chinese Asian as mid range if it's any good? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Lyndsey x
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