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  • I have a poster that's similar to your avatar pic, except it's purple and says "KEEP GLAM AND ROCK ON" :)
    Hiya Hun I was reading you are amobile how do you do your facials, when wainting some water to remove the scrub, if you have to leave the roometc, do you take a cd player what music do you have I did fancy meat loaf bat out of hell hehehe,.... I have a soothing music but want a new cd, what about soft lighting candles etc, never done it mobile before please help meeeee xx
    thank you! i am so pleased with them, i cant believe they turned out like it, when she passed me the mirror i was like yeh whatever, dont care, just wanted to see how long they last.... and then when i looked i full on shouted OH MY GOD!!!!! lol poor girl.
    ooo thank you, i'll have a peek now, is there certain plates you would recommend for best designs, i actually love your skull ones with the gold and black! such a nice effect. i've got a nail art party coming up and these would be fab, i love the smaller image ones but the full nail coverage ones look so much better. thanks for your help! x
    Hello there.
    I wanted to drop by and say thanks for the pic comment.
    I saw these plates first on this blog: Enamel Girl: Dashica's Beauty Big Image Plate SdP-A and bought them off Shirley at: SdP Big Image Plates | dashicabeautyshop
    If you have not already joined the konad group please do. As there is more information on the plates there. Konad does great full nail designs also...

    Also your lashes are totally fantastic:Love::Love::Love:!!!
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