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  • thanks for the rep point and good luck with the tan in a can...do let me know if you need any further help with it ;0))
    Thanks hun. After 2 weeks of nagging and ringing every day, and the hospital losing hubby's file, today I got the MRI appointment! And..it's for Friday of this week! Yaaaay! Speak soon. Take care. Babs xx
    I met him at a show a cuople of years ago,he is so funny! Are you doing your conversion or foundation? i am doing my conversion in L&P in a few weeks with Clare Wilson,who is lovely!...apprensive but excited,as not done L&P in a long time,mostly gel,but want to offer all systems!

    Have fun on your course and take from it all you can,and ask questions no matter what you think how silly it is....!x
    Ah thanks - he's a boy tho - maybe i wrote she instead of he lol. When he was born his oesophagus was not attached to his stomach - so they had to attach that. While he's been getting better he's had 2 serious infections but battled through. We've now found out that he has a floppy airway which causes him to stop breathing when he gets stressed. He needs to stay in hospital until he grows out this. Think we're there for the long haul however he is in good hands and in the safest place for him x x
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my granddaughter's picture. She is such a beauty and has the most fantastic little personality. She seems to have a sense of humour already and is only 13 months old! Can't you tell I'm besotted! lol! Babs xx
    Your welcome sweet pea...what works for one may well work for another...but i can not have kids...i just do it for pleasure....LMAO xx
    Hi hun just to say thanks for msg on blog!! dont give up you will get there if you really want to do this then you will , be strong keep saving and b4 you know it you will be training to what you want to do. good luck xxxx
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