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    Cashmere lashes?

    is casmere individual lashes?
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    Thinning hair?

    Cel comes from the united kingdom i order it from the company there.. i sell it in the salon
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    Thinning hair?

    Cel is amazing... it actually grows the hair back.. cleans out the follicles.... great stuff
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    Red hair wants purple

    of course
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    Red hair wants purple

    oh absolutely
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    Red hair wants purple

    i use goldwell but can use another line... she is gray but i have been coloring her trying to get her to a purple... which as i said fades to a red brown always... i have used nutrients also but it goes to a brunt red
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    Red hair wants purple

    my clients is reddish brown and no matter what i use the purple goes back to red brown ' Any suggestions will be appreciated for sure
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    Which Ultrasonic Cold Fusion machine?

    I am really interested in this.. I do tons of extensions.. all kinds.. but cold fusion is so interesting but i need to know more help me
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    Thinning hair specialist

    Thinning hair specialist
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    Angel Remy hair extensions, who are these people?

    do you have a web siste?
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    Goldwell toner

    i was looking for a lowlight in carmel or somewhat darker....
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    Goldwell toner

    ohhh great TY
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    Goldwell toner

    i have never heard of the 5 min toners in Goldwell.. can you tell us more?