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    Skinny Tan problems

    I trialled it and found it runny too. Turn your solution flow down on your gun xx
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    Organic fast tans

    There are no organic spray tan solutions. They can contain some organic ingredients but they can't be 100% organic xx
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    Crazy Angel tan

    I've trialled Laex its a nice tan. I would love to use the clear so i didn't have tan all over but i'm too scared haha. xx
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    Crazy Angel tan

    I use radiant glo now as its a gorgeous colour and 2 hour wash off xx
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    Crazy Angel tan

    I used to use crazy angel but i changed as i found better solutions. It is an ok solution though xx
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    True spray t200 dial settings

    I find a lot of trainers make this mistake. They are normaly experienced tanners, they work faster so they have their solution dials turned higher. They forget this and train students (who are obviously a lot slower) to use the same settings as them. Which results in these issues. Turn your...
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    Quick dip acrylic (SNS and Kiara Sky)

    I always use gel top coat. Just make sure to put base coat first so the top coat has something to stick too xx
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    Nail art supplies

    Naio nails Charlies nail art Dyraluxe Ebay These are where i buy mine xx
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    Gel polish timing?

    That lamp wont cure gelish xx
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    Which acrylic dip system as an overlay for natural nails?

    I use The edge and never had any issues xx
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    Dipping powder help please

    I use the edge and have no issues. Make sure you dont get the resin on cutical or side walls as this will cause lifting. If you want to infill put a layer of clear under the colour then you can file down to the clear layer if they want a colour change. Use an 80 or 100 grit file to remove the...
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    Instagram - please follow follow me and i will follow back xx
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    Waxing has caused sagging skin on eyelid area really could just be ageing i'm afraid to say. I'm 37 and have some fine lines around my eyes that weren't there when i was 19. We can't look young forever ;)
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    Suntana Tan opinions please

    You do mean Suntana ?? xx
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    Suntana Tan opinions please

    I think they are nice solutions. Can be a bit hard to scrub off, and i have a hard time seeing the guide colour in certain lighting. Other than that they are ok. I really like the colour of the rapid tan and the cherry one has the best smell ever xx