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    Acrylic bead pick up technique

    To do this method, you need to wipe one side lightly then drag for three seconds through the powder. The angle of the brush determines how big the bead will be. I think kirsty uploaded a video on naio nails you tube not long ago showing in detail how to do it xx
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    Nail tips
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    Nail tips

    I use pre pinched, no well tips from galaxy nails. I love them. I think they have more choice on their ebay shop than the website xx
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    What to wear?

    I normally just use an apron over my clothes, but i have a set of scrubs too (what doctors wear) from ebay. So comfy xx
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    Tanya Whitebits

    I got some samples. I wasn't keen on it xx
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    Tan gun not spraying solution properly?

    Have you cleaned the filter in the machine? xx
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    I have this issue when i use certain tans. It's something in the tan reacting with the acids in the skin (or something along those lines haha) xx
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    Extra dark mist application help!

    I do exactly the same as @fluffy26 . i don't use any barrier cream at all though, i found using it gave me a lot of issues. Since i stopped using it my tans turn out perfect xx
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    Not to bad. Not amazing, but i've had worse xx
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    Hand painted nail art

    Use the tip of you bristles rather than the edge. It gives a really fine line xx
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    Spray tan solution question

    Radiant Glo are cruelty free and vegan xx
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    TS20 gun and Suntana

    I had to stop using suntana because of the guide colour, i couldn't see it while spraying but it would show up 5 mins after. The rapid tan is so thick it wouldn't spray through my machine properly and would go speckly no matter how i changed my machine settings. And that sharp feeling you...
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    Crazy Angel tan

    I love Minetan but i had to stop using it as the solution was going off quick. I was having to put half the bottle in the bin. Gutted cos its a really nice colour tan :( xx
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    Spray tan help

    6% is really really light. You need to add about 10 drops per 50ml to move the solution up 1%.xx
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    Spray tan brand recommendations

    Radiant Glo is really nice. They are all 2 hour tans too xx