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Doug Schoon
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  • Hi doug
    Thanku for accepting my friend request and sending me a message very kind of you.
    Hi Doug, thought it would be great to add you on here! your on my Facebook, B Dazzle Norwich ��I'm on you email subscriber list too. Kind regards Lynda McG
    Hi Doug, it's nice to meet you too and thanks for adding me, I will be sure to add you on facebook :o)
    Need a Chemistry Geek advice. First sorry if my english is terrible but is not my first language. I bought some micas and titanium dioxides because I wanted to make my own coloured polymers. But wanted to tjeck if this was ok?
    Hey, I meant to ask: If you took a bottle of nail polish from a salon that had been used on many customers, including nails with fungus, would there be any fungus alive in the bottle that could be transferred to another client from that same bottle? Especially if the polish was 3 free? (Spa Ritual). Also, what about using Shellac over a nail infected with fungus. Could it live in the Shellac and be transferred to another client? TIA!!
    hey Doug hope ure well ... err think i opened a tin of worms lol,,, was on message boards abouy bio... lol did nit say too much as dont want to put them down on here just put food 4 thought ... and mentioned i new a world leedin scientist without name err think they guessed i tmay be u.... one of the girls melly belly i got private chattin to she thinks your brill ... i told her wot u had said to me on face book that its undercured it yellows and worse gel on market and they are not honest with their own educators..... hope ure not upset with meee passionate about nails wanted to educate people to in a way as not to pull another company down on here x
    Good morning my friend!! LONG time no see. Looking forward to getting to gether next year with you and catching up. By the way .. simon wants to do the HOPE walk this year so keep us in the loop. Lots of love :hug:
    Hey Doug, it's been a while! Hope you are well.
    So glad you are here to shine the beacon of scientific fact on salongeek and our industry!
    Hi Doug could you please tell me where i could get your book Nail Structure and Product Chemistry, 2cd Ed in the uk, i worked with solder in my previous job and became sensidized to rossin so i know all to well about being over exposed to chemicals. I use a purex nail station but if there is anything better out there or advice to work more safely i want it, many thanks jo x
    Thanks, I do understand that the gel needs its full cure time before the next layer. I believe you have answered my question, that there is not problem with flash cure to hold the gel until it gets its full cure, as long as it gets its full cure. Thanks x
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