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  • Hi there Doug
    just found your message - it's great to hear from you
    Life is treating me very well thank you

    I now live in the Middle East and am loving it - as can blend new life with Scratch and it's worked out extremely well

    how are you these days?

    Good to hear from you

    why tahnk you i can't lie tho i found this on the internet BUT i am making one as we speak it is in progress lol, how are things what fantastic things are you up to, i really want to make to the states next year to compete x
    Hi doug hope you are well, how fab to find you are on here have you been hiding away all these years like a lurking geek? xx
    Hi. Fab to see you around.
    We met in 2006 when you did the Australian Roadshow.
    Love your book.
    Hiya, I really did not know you were a member.
    Give me a minute to get off my knees, all hail the master:lol:
    thankyou so much for making the near impossible to understand (for me anyway).. understandable.. who would have thought i of all people would enjoy science of anysort.. but when your writing it.. i do!
    Its amazing who you can be friends with in cyberlaand.. and i hope you will allow me to be yours.. xx
    You sneaky man. You visited my page and no notes? I know you're BUSY but SHEESH ;)
    Great to see you in cyberspace, hopefully get to see you in person to pick your brain again very soon. :)
    Hi Doug! I have never been great at chemistry but I feel like you explained things really well in your book "Nail Structure & Product Chemistry". Thankyou :-)

    South Australian Nail Geek
    Hey Doug thanks for accepting me! :)
    Im having a great day, hope you are aswell!

    Hi Mr. Schoon,

    I just thought I'd ask...
    Notice your name on my profile visitor page and was pleased & amazed at the same time! I have to wonder why such a significant person in the industry looked little ole me up?? Anything in particular? I know I answered a question about nails cracking...did I give the wrong one??! Eeeek.
    Love to hear back from ya!
    hi doug, so! i know your name and what you do, But it is a little annoying for new geeks that want to look at your profile and find out a little more about you. To find nothing really informative written. Could you please fill out your profile a little more. Thanks vicky xx
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