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    Best skincare brands

    Forgot to mention about the best sunscreen that I myself use and received excellent feedback for. Heliocare range. Goes on really nicely without the white/streaking and of course works comprehensively. There is a relatively newer version called Heliocare 360 and it is designed for those who live...
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    Best skincare brands

    I think The Ordinary is mostly very good and affordable for clients. I often recommend regimens that have a few of their products. I know a spa which stocks this and it seems to sell ok. It's not really a 'system' and it is sort of available for clients to buy over the net. So may not suit all...
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    Seeking Botox & filler practitioner, Shoreditch London

    Hi Sue, I just sent a few words to your salongeek conversation inbox
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    Skin problems

    Haven't come across an easy to go through overview textbook on acne. Most are very in-depth and I suspect too detailed for casual perusal. Good overview + cases presentation from American Acad of Derm...
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    Common superficial peels are glycolic/lactic/salicylic acids or the Jessner peel. Glycolic acids (20-70% available) are the most common peels of all. If you're looking for a really light one, you can try 20-30% glycolic acid. Ensure adequate training and insurance as always. I've used one from...
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    Dermaplaning training

    Indeed much of the industry is unregulated, not only for dermaplaning. So many will just get on with it, hopefully having seen/assisted a few. Agree with the above posts that practical experience is essential in dermaplaning as doing it incorrectly can lead to painful cuts in the skin. Whilst...
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    Skin problems

    Agree that there are some excellent books out there on the topic. The best course/route depends on your type of profession. If you are a nurse, there are courses/conferences that may be of use. Similarly, if you are a beautician background, there are some courses that do certificates after the...