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  • Hi, saw your blog in Scratch so thought I'd find you on SG!! I am looking at starting the CND Complete and would be doing it at Leigh Centre so am really interested to read your full blog and see your pictures!! Good luck with your fab new CND career and congrats on doing so well with your ITEC!!! xx
    Wow!! Just read your blog and looked at your photo album! You've done so well and really got me excited to start the course! Mines not till september though :( Your nails look amazing and it looks like you've learnt a lot i can't wait! Congrats again on passing :) xx
    Aw thank you, I was inspired by yours! Think it's fab for people thinking about doing the course to actually read what it's like, I know I wanted to. Oh my gosh I've been dying to get on here to read about your day 16! (internet issues!) Bet you're glad it's done now after all the waiting, when do you get the results? I know I'm going to be exactly the same about wanting more education - we'll have to become educators ;D x
    I'm so excited, a few more months and I'll have all the money saved :) Good luck! I'm sure you'll do fine, you do lovely work. How have you found getting your times up? I'm amazed not everyone is doing the ITECH. xx
    You're welcome. I'm very bad at thanking people for hearts! :( Not because I am ungrateful, I am always grateful, but I just don't have the time to do it.xx
    Just read through all your blog entries! What an amazing journey, thanks so much for documenting it all for us to read :) Can't wait to start Complete! xx
    Cheltenham isn't an academy, Bournemouth and Manchester are the closest academies to Cardiff. Manchester is easy from here, about 3 hours by train however my parents live in the north east so I could commute from there and maybe go to Leeds :D
    I'm in Cheltenham with Kate. Would have to go to Bournemouth or Manchester Academy for ITEC :)
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