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  • Hey :) thanks for the f/r! Yeah exactly, I think it's well worth doing. Was a bit off putting my educator saying she wouldn't even choose to do the ITEC! I pick things up quickly and am quite good at retaining information so I'm hoping it'll be do-able!? Just read about your day 15, well done! x
    Hi I've just seen your pic of your salon. Where did you get your black chest of drawers with the black/white baskets in? It's just what I'm after!
    Ah you're welcome, hun. I'm sure you'll do fine. You sound like you've been working very hard to get to this point. I'm truly inspired :)
    Excellen, thank you very much. I just need to drop that ticket in my S2 basket!!
    Thank you for liking my nails :lol: xx Hope you are well. Been reading your blogs. How exciting and very helpful for someone who's thinking about doing the courses!
    Victoria, im loving reading your blogs, thank you for sharing your course thoughts each day, you have made me smile and evan laugh at some of your posts (brilliant!), but most of all you have made me feel gratitude for the opportunity to give and support others in our industry through our academy, see you tomorrow for Day 7 x
    it hasn't! been too busy with day job and nails! working on nails from 9am to 1pm 2moro, got to get daughter an outfit for bollywood themed party on sunday. Sunday will be packing for my holiday then the party.

    so looks like needs to be done on monday morning before i do nails all afternoon.

    need 36 hours in a day...then i could do it all x
    awww, I'm glad, need to give my brain a rest! no chance though - back to my day job today, hate it now as it's taking me away from my true love...nails!
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