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    Anyone else becoming frustrated with CND?

    Sad to admit the new colours I won't be getting and I am usually waiting up until after midnight to purchase them. I can't afford to have shelf sitters and this is what is starting to happen (I have every shellac colour) I'm investing in some Gel 2 colours in January to add some pizazz to my...
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    The Walking Dead?

    Every week. Love it! X Sent from my LG-D802 using SalonGeek mobile app
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    MoYou polish

    I'm also not a fan of moyou polish. Its too thin and watery x Sent from my LG-D802 using SalonGeek mobile app
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    Moyou stamp storage-mobile?

    Collectors centre online. They sell medals, cap badges etc. For a file with 6 pages and another 6 it was £21. I will post a piccy later xxx Sent from my LG-D802 using SalonGeek mobile app
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    Moyou stamp storage-mobile?

    Medal display pockets work perfect. I have my moyou in them. Plate in top pocket and cover underneath in the bottom pocket. Perfect for mobile Vicki x
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    Tattoo thread!

    I'm in the middle of getting my back done ni have the shading of my bird to go (it's on the bottom right and side of my back, I don't have a full pic yet). A kingfisher is going on the bottom left and side and Japanese maple leaves in the background to bring it all together. Oh the gap on the...
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    What's the last thing you bought for work?

    Far too many MooYou plates :) Vicki x
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    MoYou plates - selection

    I've gone a bit mad and carried away with my order. Can't wait to get back into it 😍 Vicki x Sent from my LG-D802 using SalonGeek mobile app
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    Best meal replacement?

    1 year 6 days to loose 4 stone. The last half stone took ages to come off but now I'm there I'm finding it easy to keep to my weight as it's not a diet I've been doing Vicki x
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    Shellac removal-charge?

    If they only want removal I charge £10, with a new set removal is included. This is weather I'm mobile or at my salon and I have a minimum mobile charge of £10 Thanks Vicki x
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    Best meal replacement?

    Slimming world here too. And also 4stone loss :) Vicki x
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    Your little foibles?

    Alarms I have to check twice before switching the light off, even if I checked it when I first got into bed Mani & Pedi need to go pinkie to thumb left to right (as I look at them) Left contact lens first Vicki x
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    I'm feeling a tattoo coming on

    My work in progress Vicki x
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    Tattoo thread!

    Here we go. Next time we are extending it so it flows and ends better than it been hacked off by a lumberjack. The other flower to be shaded as well as pink with the blue. A couple more birds too are going to be in there. I love it :) Vicki x
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    Tattoo thread!

    Just got back from 4.5 hour sitting. Its not finished but I'm so excited on how awesome it's going to be. Next month it's getting finished with a 6 hour sitting. Today was great didn't suffer at all, in fact nice relaxing time so I'm hoping that I can get through another hour. Once I've...