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    Any mobile acrylic /gel nail technicians around Horsham?

    Hi All, Hope I am posting in the right place? I am looking for a new Nail technician as the lady who currently does my nails has moved away :( I am working full time so need someone who can come and do them at mine of an evening. If anyone can recommend me to anyone or is able to do it...
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    help hormonal out of control skin, best way to treat??

    my client/friend had a baby 10 weeks ago, she has just started her period, and had coil conterceptive put it. she was using special cleansing gel from derma and skin smoothing cream but its really drying out her skin, so she swaped to essential cleansing which is more Comfortable but she is...
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    happy belated new year adele :-) xx

    happy belated new year adele :-) xx
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    Advice Plz Geeks, How many colours in this womens hair?

    Thanks so much for all your advice! i will defo take a picture in with me! :hug:
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    Eyelash conditioner?

    p.s i would never put vaseline around the eye! i use a tiny amount about the size of a pin head on my eyelashes!
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    Eyelash conditioner?

    Thanks geeks for the advice. with regards to useing vaseline on the eyelash, it was what i was taught when doing both my beauty and make up training, and it works wonders on mine! i just brush a little through (with a throw away mascara brush) and leave it over night. it keeps my lashes long...
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    Eyelash conditioner?

    Hiya Geeks, my client has really weak and dry eyelashes and wants tips to get longer thicker and most of all heathly looking eyelashes. what would you geeks suggest? i do vaseline treatments on mine, which isnt working for her, so am stuck. Thanks inadvance :hug: Danielle xxxxxxxx
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    Advice Plz Geeks, How many colours in this womens hair?

    Hey Geeks, How Many colours do you think this women (jennifer Esposito) has in her hair? and how would you say its been done? ie has she had a darker colour all over first then the golden tones added, or do you think she add the dark colours added after the gold?? dont worry i am not going...
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    Bare minerals - skin reactions help?!

    Thanks geeks, for all your advice:hug: will have a look at the links you have provided xx
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    Bare minerals - skin reactions help?!

    I use bare minerals on my clients, but I can’t use it on my self, my skin reacts to it, I get loads of bumps on areas applied then the bumps peel and then get really dry itcy until it all flakes off takes about 2 weeks for my skin to look normal again. Dose this happen to any one else? Or any of...
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    Can anyone do 'dolly effect' eyelashes in West Sussex?

    thanks, hun i googled the picture and they look amazing! just got to find someone who can do them now lol. :hug:
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    Can anyone do 'dolly effect' eyelashes in West Sussex?

    Hi geeks, i am getting married on the 12th of september, and really want eyelash extentions, but i want a really full dolly look ie really long thick but soft looking! so A} can this be done? and B} is there any one in west sussex that could do this for me? i am based in horsham. would be...
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    In need of some help!!!!

    Just want to say thanks babe for highlighting my hair and your where right to have confidence in your self you did an excellent job! Much better then toni and guy I absolutely love it best colour I have ever had!!!, really think you should post a picture to show what you have achieved!!! You...
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    love you BFF

    love you BFF