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    Diamond Rhinestones

    Hi Winky Thanks for that but i dont do the gels just acrylics. not bad idea though, they sound as though they would be more secure. easypeasy :)
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    my website

    Hi there, Had a look at your website, nice one!.I too am in west yorkshire. Just one thing you have spelling mistake sorry!!!!!!!!!!!! It is on contact us, you left the "T" out and just had conact. easypeasy
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    Diamond Rhinestones

    Thankyou so much for this girls. I have never done the rhinestones before, but i now feel confident enough to do them. easypeasy. :thumbsup:
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    Diamond Rhinestones

    Please, someone must have read this.(ABOVE) Am I being thick here? :oops: easypeasy Pleeeeeeeeeeeese Help!!!!!!!!!!
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    Diamond Rhinestones

    Hello Can anyone help me here,As i am new to nails (1 year). How do i apply these diamond rhinestones to a french manicure?. I dont know anything about nailart but i think i could add these to a french manicure, just need my thoughts confirming really. Thanks Girls. easypeasy :rolleyes:
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    Question Pro-Styler

    Hi Geeg I do clean my brush in momomer, but what i think the problem is, i leave my brush to soak for a while in the monomer, is this wrong thing to do? I thought this would get my brush really clean. :?
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    Question Pro-Styler

    Thanks Geeg, Yes you are right now i come to think of it, my brush does feel dry and the bristles are separating.I do clean it regular, perhaps i am over cleaning it. I also keep my brush in a brush box to keep the dust at bay. Thanks easypeasy
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    Professional Nails mag poll- Do you dress to impress?

    Well I dont think some of you are going to like this but......... .........I absolutely love my white tunic and pants!!! Yes it may look clinical but i think it gives out the right vibes. A nice crisp white uniform i believe sends out the message that you are proffessional and your salon is...
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    Question Pro-Styler

    Please can anyone help??????????? How long should your brush last? I have the creative pro-styler in between size, and my applications are starting to go ridgy. I dont know why!!!!. I dont usually have problems. My brush does not feel like it used to though. I thought it might need replacing...
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    Top coat going grey!!!

    Thanks Ruth Never thought about these, good thinking. She has app in two weeks time so I will go through these with her, Will let you how i get on. I love this site you are all very helpful. Thanks again easypeasy :)
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    Top coat going grey!!!

    Thanks Geeg I have used super shiny on her aswell on its own and that goes grey. Do you think if i use these two together on her nails they would be ok? easypeasy
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    Top coat going grey!!!

    Hi everyone, Please can anyone tell me why one of my clients nails are going grey? Here goes....... A new client x2 visits for enhancements does not like re-balances she prefers in her words "fresh new nails" Instead of spending lots of time buffing to a shine I use creative wet look topcoat...
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    Staffing problems?

    Hello I am a salon owner, took over an existing buisness that had been established 5 years, One year this saturday when i got the keys and i have enjoyed and still do every moment i am there.The buisness is only small, myself and lovely sarah who works for me, sarah actually held the fort for...
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    doing your own nails

    Hi there guys Would there be any chance that geek could do a tutorial on the fabric# I have just purchased the try me kit practiced today on my friend sarah not bad but i found it difficult to apply the fibreglass also i had a go with the silk this was a little easier but still tricky.Once i...
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    Wish us luck!!!!

    Hi good luck to you and as beautifulnails03 says "The best of good ole yorkshire luck!" easypeasy :flower: