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  • Hi
    You don't have to attend a training course, GiGi's instructions are just about all there is to know really, but to be honest I did attend a "Shellac Attack" class because I wanted to make sure I got it right and it was only £25 so not alot of money. If you ring Sweet Squared, they will tell you who your educator is for your area and give you some contact details.
    Hope this helps hun and good luck

    H x
    thank you ro ur reply, im guessing its just trial and error....im looking towards nouvatan, wow and fake bake....but thank you for ur time and reply....

    was just enquiring about what kits and courses are good and at a good cheaper price

    thank you xx
    welcome to SG...singer hey...what songs and where do you sing...is it whilst washing up,in the bath or are you a pro?
    hi lisa, im sorry i cant help with your question as im a nail geek and dont know much about waxing! im sure someone in the other forum will be able to help you tho x
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