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    If you need to create your own posts for social media, try Canva. It's easy and has lots of free templates and can also add your own text.
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    "Do whatever you want" clients

    I'm that type of client :D My nail artist has some saved pictures of design she always wanted to try and suggests me to choose between two or three. Sometimes she doesn't give me any choice and shows me one pic with the "Is this ok?" question. Most of the time it works great.
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    Facebook page - how to make it look more appealing

    Try Canva, they have lots of nice templates almost for everything, and you can edit them.
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    Using images in leaflet

    I'm not sure if it can be useful for you as I use these stock sources for my social media, not leaflets (don't know if the resolution is okay). Check and Most images there are free-to-use and with no attribution required (and you can also modify them). I also know...
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    What purple is this?

    You can try Schwarzkopf, it's pretty bright on bleached hair, and compared to manic panic it lasts longer
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    Matrix colour opinions

    Compared to Wella I like Matrix more, and not only their colours but their haircare products too
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    Disheartened when I lose clients!

    You should think positive! As a client (of no matter what kind of service) sometimes I try different specialists because it's okay to compare and search for the best one. However quite often I return to my specialist. And that's why I don't get upset if my clients go somewhere else. It's okay in...
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    Charging family and friends

    Wow, you definitely should learn how to say the firm "no" even if they are your family and friends. That won’t pay your bills, pay for products and for your time. The best way is to print a special price-list for friends and family members with a small discount and explain you are fully-booked...
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    Vegan & cruelty free dye

    Aveda is my fav. As I know, you can check all the vegan brands (not only hair) on PETA website :)
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    Mobile hairdresser appointments?

    At the very beginning of my hairdresser career, I used ol' good Google Calendar to record both personal and work appointments. Since then I've tried lots of different apps, but for me most of them either expensive or complex with lots of functions I'd never use. The thing is if you have a few...
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    Balayage-what do you use?

    I prefer Wella and sometimes L’Oréal.
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    New website - comments

    I like your website, it's simple and clear with locations, working hours and cute pictures. Your FB page is nice too. But as a client, I prefer to see some real photos of specialist, or working process etc. Some kind of "introduction" or "about us" section. Anyway, I like it! Good luck ;)
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    Cruelty-free & vegan gel polish

    I know Madam Glam and Orly
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    Why do NT support brands that sell to hobbyists?

    I totally agree. When it comes to medicine before buying it we all have prescriptions, I think the same should be here. If you want to buy products which need qualification, please prove you can use them properly. The other way you spend more money on your health than you will earn with all that...
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    I’m in need of a name

    It's a bit tricky to give you an advice as you don't provide us with much info. It's easy to choose a catchy name, but it also has to represent you, your works. For example, you name/area/ fav style etc can be a part of the page name :)