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  • Thanks so much for the picture comment... I love that snakeskin Minx and it's so thin and easy to work with too!
    Aww thanks hun.
    Look on the bright side hun, at least you have somewhere. There's many tech's out there who would jump at the chance of your little spot. :hug:
    I bet your spot is nice and warm with all the sunbeds. :biggrin: I wouldn't mind that. I don't like cold receptions. lol The last place was really cold!
    I started off in another hair salon within the reception too. It was so small with just a little corner enough to fit a cabinet and a grubby breakfast bar (supplied by them) it was horrible, didn't like it one bit. I couldn't do feet and i really wanted to start doing Shellac too plus Shellac & Minx toes! But the rent was cheap at only £10 per day so i just made the most of what i had until something better came along.
    It will for you one day if you keep looking.
    Sad thing is i may not be in it for long if the hubby gets posted this year! :-( Good thing is that everything in the room is mine so i can take it along with me. :) xxx
    wow u lucky thing! its really lovely.. im deperate to get into better premises! the sunbed shop i work in busy but too small..!!! want to start doin shellac but just no space to anything up!!! i have so much nail bits already haha x im on constant lok out locally for a room! will find one im sure! x
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