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  • hi i was wondering if you can help me i wanting to find an odyssey supplyer/trainer i live in doncaster if you could help i would be so greatfull. thanks estelle x
    Thank you for the friend request, can't beleive we are so close and didn't realise. Where is you salon based?
    Well, let's make it happen! I've had a lovely night tonight and actually feel appreciated for a change ... No one has been nasty to me in days ... Lol. .. What's happening?
    hello hun, I am contacting you in regards to the product your using. I have been using this also. i have a few clients lifting within days. can i ask you - whats your steps you do when u apply cnd. please.
    I am staying out of the 'line out' posts after last nights tip blending with acetone fiasco...hope you have a tin helmet and a flack jacket to wear there in lalaland !! :lol:
    In this respect I don't think there is much difference between Gelish and Shellac, and thanks to your post I may try adding a tip on a really short nail and just Gelishing it, after all as per my thread I need to be open to ideas lol!!!!
    yes thanks, :) I left the salon and work from home now, much better!!
    Am loving the gelish, how are you getting on with the shellac? xx
    I'm glad my post helped you, just make sure the brushes are dry before you use them.
    You can resurrect brushes :)
    thanks hun xx(suzev) and iv never tried lechat but one of my girls trained with them and heard it was good!!! i thought i should come out of hiding my brain goes into overdrive when im on here!!!!! xxxxx
    well, glad youve come out of hiding then. i'm an educator for lechat, its good to get all different brands represented on here.
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