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    Prestige Hair opinions?

    Hi! Wondering whether any of you are currently working with Prestige hair extensions? Would you recommend them? I am really tempted by their choice of colours as well as them stating that they use exceptionally strong keratin for their extensions (i find it very important as experienced...
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    Extensions with really strong keratin?

    Thank you! Been wanting to try remi cachet for ages as there are so many amazing reviews. My client is on a tight budget though, not sure if she'd be happy to spend this much on the extensions - though from a professional point of view, I'd say it's worth paying more for something that you know...
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    Extensions with really strong keratin?

    Thanks cmsuper & HairExtensionsFactory! Yes agreed, Italian keratin is the best, I use it for rebonds. The problem is, when she initially buys prebonded extensions, and the keratin isn't strong enough, there isn't much left when it's time to refit them! So really looking for recommendations on...
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    Extensions with really strong keratin?

    Hi! Could anyone please recommend hair extensions with a really good quality keratin? I have a lady who prefers to get her own hair for me to put in - she opts for mid-range extensions. For the past two times, we tried two different options from Euphoria one - Brazilian and Russian/Mongolian...