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    The Ordinary, or?

    Im beauty level 3 quality and trained with dermalogica around 8 years ago - use another brand now. I have a friend who has a BABTAC accredited qual in facial/skincare ( 58 CPD) and wants to train with D/logica. Can she train with them on this basis or does she have to be level 2 or 3?
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    I have used Epionce in the past which I do like and may concentrate on. I carry Jane Iredale and ANP which are both from IIAA as is Environ Skin Care so that’s another alternative for me to consider.
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    I was over £4000 to start with D/logica 4 years ago. I am about to close my account with them for various reasons. The main reasons being - no support from business manager and Dermalogica are only interested in supporting the bigger salons. Smaller salons/ sole traders are overlooked. Also, the...
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    New Dermalogica uniform

    Hi I'm about to start training with Dermalogica. Where can I buy the uniform? Do they supply or sell at the academies? Thanks.
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    Salon Services - Sallys training

    I booked waxing course with Salon Services for beginning of January. Due to extreme and severe weather, transport links from Glasgow to Dundee were halted so the trainer and myself were unable to get there. The centre in dundee for some reason is refusing to reschedule the course and I've been...