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  • Hi ellibee! Was wondering about the elleebana lash lift glue if you get on well with it or use something else?
    Hi. I haven't tried that one but can recommend Flirties or Lashbase lifting products x
    Thanks for 'friending' me :D
    Yes we do seem to see things the same which is great, you normally say what I am thinking! It's lovely to have like minded people on here as it can get quite frustrating lol xx
    Hi, would you mind if I ask which lash glue you recommend? Im LP trained, just moved onto ultimate 1 and still only lasting 2-3 weeks when lots have come off. Any ideas? Sx
    Just saw your status on Facebook about lashing - what a shame, I hope you're feeling better! My lashes will miss you this month lol. Hope you have a speedy recovery x
    Hi ellibee, your lashes are fab! Did I imagine it or did you post something the other day - a picture on how to get to the lashes underneath??! Please could you put me out of my misery, driven myself mad searching for it lol! Thanks xx
    Lol, just saw the photos on Facebook too.. Celeb! I'm LOVING my lashes Elaine, you did an amazing job x
    Flirties is definitely the worst for causing reactions but it is a great glue. I now use Lash Revolution Glue Pro +. It is every bit as good as Flirties and my symptoms have pretty much disappered since I changed.
    Hi I sen your posts and really need some advise on glue I have just got the flirties glue strong strength used a really good mask with a vent and had a massive alergic reaction could hardly breath I have a lump in my gland and feel like like my head is about to fall off I was so scared I really need a glue that will last but is not going to effect me like this can you reccomend anything I have used nouveou glue really did not last and ah fransis I had some irritation on that one any advise would be appreciated xx
    Ahh thank you! That'll keep me busy tomorrow.. Shift called off again (predictable)! Thanks for today, can't wait for my full set x
    Should've known, busy bee!! That was just a preferred time for me really, I'm actually free all day Tuesday and Wednesday - so if you have any free slots during the day I'd love to come in this week! :)
    Hi Elaine, hope you're enjoying your holiday! Are you still back to work on Tuesday? If so, I was wondering if you could fit me in for a patch test? Maybe around 5.30/6pm-ish if you're available x
    Lovely! I do drive, but I've never been out your way before (I don't get out much...!) so I think train will probably be best. I'll be in touch within the next few weeks hopefully, providing my bank account is looking healthy! Ohh I'm excited x
    Haha fair dos! Are you within decent walking distance from the train station? I think I'll see how kind pay day is to me and then hopefully get booked in! :) x
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