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  • Hi elliebee! I've always loved seeing your lashes on SG, but for some reason I'd never considered the possibility of having you do mine.. Until tonight! Just had a nosy on your website and saw that you're in Airdrie. Are you home based only or are you mobile too?
    Elliebee, could I ask you, do you do one eye then the other or gradually add lashes to both eyes??? Also what brand of lashes do you use. I have been having a nose at your piccies and your lashes are gorgeous.
    Thanks tinaxx
    Aww no worries! I don't "heart" many things, I like to save it for when I 100% agree and hope that it'll make readers be more responsive to the post.... So here's hoping! It was a very concise, informative reply :) x
    Thanks for the rep & heart. :Love: You can lead a horse to water but can't force it to drink as they say. x
    Thanks for the rep elliebee, sorry it's late but I only just discovered it on my profile. Kathie x
    Thanks for the rep but then the person who wrote the thread deleted it so now I've lost it again! lol
    Thanks Elliebee. I've literally spent hours searching through all your threads re lashes. Bought some lashes from lashbase and what a difference to those horrible marvel lash ones! Can't wait to try them out x
    Hi Elliebee following your advice I've just bought some vetus extra fine tweezers and looking forward to using them on my next client. I think they will definately help with isolating the lashes :)
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