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  • Hi Elaine,
    Air purifier going really well ordered flirties again as this is where it all started for me, im now working again without a mask i just have the purifier right at the head of my client lol
    I was wondering if you could help me with any info regarding google advertising? Im currently paying £72 per month to be at the top of the first page of google... After specking to afriend about advertising im now beginning to wonder what im paying for!! because my friends and i google it and cant seem to find it and then when i email the company to ask he askes me to go do it again and it somehow appears! could i somehow be getting ripped off or is it all in my mind ?
    sorry to be a pain but i have a sneaky feeling this is not right.
    Jean xxx
    hI Elaine I have just been reading all of the lash threads which you have responded to. Thank you so much for your input. Fantastic advice; with the added bonus of polls, photos, links and NO text talk!! You are my online lash Counsellor - and I do NEED it!! :) xx
    Hi elliebee,

    just reading through some of your threads and noticed you have DVD on lashes could you send me the address where to buy one or if you thinking of selling it would be interested. thanx
    I cut grass yesterday, sweat like a pig and guess what? My DW was flawless. Yes, I will try the mascara. Thanks! :)
    Hey elliebee - I seen your posts re lashes and thought I'd send you a wee message if you dont mind! I have a salon in Northern Ireland - considering lash training - I am now about to get my 3rd set of nouveau express lashes applied and must say i love them. Defo want to do express lashes and im considering which brand/training etc and was wondering if you dont mind me being really cheeky and asking do you find them profitable? i see that you are really busy with them - thats fabulous - I would be charging same price £25 and have checked out the training/start up costs and was just wondering from someone with experience like yourself how many sets it took to make your training/set up money back and after that if you find them profitable. Just want to get an idea of the financials before going further.

    Hope you don't mind me asking these questions and sure if you do I totally understand

    Thanks!!! Clare
    Thanks for the rep sweetie. This has really got me going! I am sick to death of manufacturers and distributors preaching to us about being professional and justifying their training prices to us only to turn around and do something like this. I am so glad I didn't do my training with them. xxx
    No problems, i followed your advise with buying the EE glue, it arrived today so looking forward to using it tonight on my client!!
    I've tried to rep you twice in the last few days but need to "spread the love". Just wanted to say thanks for your kind words you made me blush x
    I was trying to make a Kir as I couldnt find Cassis - we mixed it with White wine - it certainly went down well LOL. The reason I bought that one was because we have been to Chambord. Alcoholic recipes are always welcome LOL
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