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    Laser tattoo removal machines

    bump x
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    Laser tattoo removal machines

    Looking for comments and recommendations for machines please. The company I was considering has gone into liquidation so starting research again.
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    Eve Taylor trade account

    Thank you! x
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    Eve Taylor trade account

    Ah you're a star Caitlinx. Thank You xx
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    Hi. I haven't tried that one but can recommend Flirties or Lashbase lifting products x

    Hi. I haven't tried that one but can recommend Flirties or Lashbase lifting products x
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    Eve Taylor trade account

    I used to have an eve taylor account but haven't used it for a while. I want to start using their candles in my salon again and they also retail well too. Can anyone who has an account with them advise me if they are still available with a trade discount? Although I can still access my...
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    Individual lashes or volume lashes?

    Flirties do volume lash training in Scotland. There is already a trainer in Inverness and I will soon be offering it in Central Scotland xx
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    Lashes after laser eye surgery

    Check with your insurance company. They are the only ones who can tell you what you policy will/will not cover. You can then advise her accurately and I'm sure she will appreciate you taking the time to check xx
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    Best eyelash lift adhesive?

    I use the Flirties lash lift sachets & adhesive. I much prefer the sachets as I can sometimes be really busy with lifts one month then not have any the next and the little bottle can go "off" With the sachets, I know I am getting completely fresh product for each client x
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    New FB wax chat group

    I am a member of a few great lash groups on FB but have been missing a UK based Wax group. Seems most of the good ones are in USA. I hope this post is allowed in here but I've started a Wax chat group if anyone would like to join. It will be dedicated to chat, support, and questions all wax...
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    What new course will help my business

    Russian volume is very popular just now but it definitely an advanced lashing technique. To get the most from training I would say you need to be really confident in your technique for classic lashes.
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    Lash tint training venues-East Midlands?

    Flirties do this. They also have a new course which combines tinting with facial waxing which is a great combination of treatments. If you contact them they will tell you who your nearest trainer is xx
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    LVL lashes problems

    I don't use the LVL brand but with Lash Lift, as long as the solutions are applied at the base of the lashes where the lift happens, 1/3 or 1/2 way doesn't really matter. I have a step by step on here somewhere that covers lash lifting that may help. Sounds like you are pulling the lashes too...
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    Male intimate waxing

    I have also trained with Kim. She is a great trainer but, personally, I thought there were too many students on her course.
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    Eyelash extensions going wrong!

    Well, obviously I would recommend Flirties for training. Not because I am an educator with them but because I genuinely believe their training/trainers and on going support is the best there is. You can contact them to ask who your nearest trainer is and they'll be happy just to chat so see...