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    Work Showcase Stilll not back at work so here’s a throwback

    This client love, love, loved pink and would have a new pink set each month without fail! ♡
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    Lash extensions advice

    Thanks I haven't heard of any odorless, I definitely plan to get back to it at a later date and have no worries that it would pick up again but I'm really committed to learn lashes for now.
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    Lash extensions advice

    I'm a self employed full time acrylic nail technician working from home. Concerned about my health living and sleeping in essentially a nail salon I have been looking to learn new skills and veer away from nails until I can find somewhere to rent. I've taken a course in lash extensions but it...
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    Microbladers - tips and advice

    Thank you! Appreciated
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    Best face glitter?

    Evol Cosmetics does great glitters at affordable rates
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    Acrylic nail woes

    (Before I stopped infills alrogether) so perhaps give that a go.
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    Acrylic nail woes

    Also: another thing I made a policy is I only infilled my own work because a lot of generic nail salons use MMA
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    Acrylic nail woes

    Don't give up! When I first started I had nails lifting, popping off prematurely, cut people with the nail files etc etc. Fast forward and my nails have been known to last over 8 weeks (although I don't advice it) very very rarely lifting. 1st do you sculpt or use tips? 2nd is your colour in...
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    Microbladers - tips and advice

    Hi ♡ My questions are for everyone who has completed a Microblading course: 1) do you have any photos of your case studies you could share? 2) how long did it take you to get good at microblading? 3) how much do you earn microblading, or did you decide it wasn't for you? Thank you! Ellie
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    Acrylic lift and break

    Do you sculpt or use tips? If using tips ensure the nail is throughly sanitised, prepped and primed and use The Edge nail glue to secure the tips: I also like to use a wooden cuticle stick to gently but firmly press the tip to adhere to the natural nail. Best of luck!
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    Best acrylics systems for new tech?

    Hay ♡ I like Naio Nails maximum adhesion monomer. My fave nail glue is The Edge nail glue which I pick up from Sainsbury's for like £2.50. And in terms of the powders I generally pick up clear and white powder from tnbl or naio nails or glam and glits. CJP do my fave nudes for frenchies and...