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  • Hi Mrs...my FB page....Nailed it with Keli, what's yours and ill return like. You have to do whatever is right for you at the time. I've gone from submitting vats and cis returns and dealing with HMRC today, then I come home & check SG.....worlds apart lol!! Xx
    Not sure what's happening to the messages! (Think it may be me 'trying to get used to it! Lol). I'm based in Kent, only just starting out. Just started up Facebook page yesterday (still trying to suss that out too!). Are you going to the CND event? Xx
    Hi there! My friend comes from stewarton - lynda hughes - well Latta now! Im trained and I plan to do it starting then end of this year - my little one is only two but starts nursery in August so I will concentrate more on it then, im finding it a bit much and quite pricey! I make personalised jute bags - im on facebook bella vie designs - so it takes up loads of my time just now, it was only a hobby for family and friends and now it seems to have snowballed!! It lets me save up for my kit though!! Are you kept busy?x
    Hi! Yeh, I'm stewarton! So not too far away! Lol, I know, don't get me started on prices!
    I'm I right in saying its make-up that you do? How are you finding business so far? Xx
    Hi there! Im getting your message now haha! I didnt get the original post though! it may have been me as fairly new at not sure what im doing! Im from Ayr but not even close to being up and running yet! I trained in book keeping the year before last and make up last year so its a big but welcoming change! I have just been doing my husbands books for his business and give advise where I can but i think when my little girl goes to school I will do both! Make up seems to be lacking in ayrshire (mobile anyway!) and I love it so thought that would be a good addition I would like to do nails and spray tan but many many girls do it here for next to nothing so unless i had a studio its not worth my while financially - Ayr must be quite a vain place haha! I totally agree knowing how to do the books means one less thing to worry about!! Things change so quickly in accounting some things I learned are already outdated!! Sorry I might sound thick but I dont know what PB is hahaha - i have brains but lack common sense sometimes so my hubby tells me so I may be being thick! Where abouts are you based? Where did you train for shellac?x
    This was the message from earlier it's in my visitor messages....I really don't know what i'm doing!!! Anyway.....
    Hi, I still am a part-time book keeper within an accountancy practice. I used to teach Sage too! I trained in L&P over 7 years ago and did them whenever I could (which wasn't often due to other commitments) Then I found Shellac and trained in 2010 and this is all I offer at the moment (will def be offering Brisa Lite though too!) Was due to finally make the push last year but due to other commitements the timing just wasn't supposed to be, anyway, here I am now, just got my cards printed, hubby is coverting garage for my 'studio' so all systems go over the next few months (fingers crossed!) I couldn't afford to stop my book keeping, but who knows what the future holds?? I feel that being a book keeper sets you steps ahead as lots of people are paying out for our knowledge because they don't know. This site is fab for everything, for us on our new 'learning curve' and our knowledge to others! Do you offer lots of beauty treatments and where are you based? Are you going to PB next month? - sorry how many questions at once!! Lovely to speak to someone that's in exactly the same boat!! xxx
    weird...now pressed 'view converstion' & your message has come up here (but not my reply?) did you get my reply from earlier?
    can you help me out. Usually I use my Ipad and today and came onto the laptop and saw your message and replied to you (still couldn't see on my ipad!) thought this was strange, anyway, came back onto laptop and your message isn't in my messages??? did you send me a message another way? I know it's sounds really daft but I really don't understand it?? Am I missing something?
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