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  • Hi Emerald
    thenks for mentioning the Fotolia site in one of your posts, it has some really nice images. I might buy a couple for my own website.
    Hope business is going well for you
    Cathy x
    Hi Elaine,
    Thanks for thinking of me, I am so glad I didnt take the room in the end, although even me telling her that she made it out as though it would benefit her lol. Well she wont do very well if she treats everyone like that, then again she is a psycologist. I decided not to look for anywhere else despite buying more products. I am doing Makeup and spray tanning and manicures mobile still and doing ok. That would be nice of you to link me on your site. I will do the same for you if you give me a short description to add with the link. My site is:
    Thanks again
    hiya, how are you?
    Have you found a new place yet?
    I left the NWTC, couldnt take it anymore, very controlling and the woman talks crap to get her own way!
    If you would like me to link you to my website, let me know and send me the link. Alot of people visit my website to nosey more than anything haha
    take care
    elaine x
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