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  • Hi there, just posted a message about the art deco mobile make up kit, would love, love, love this. How do I purchase it. Am make up trained and building my kit, then I noticed you live in Kent, where abouts?? As I am too.. Not many of us from Kent on here!!:( would be great to keep in touch xx
    Hey hun I saw you want someone to go with. I'm in Essex is there anyway you could get to the bridge and then I don't mind driving there? xx
    Hiya hun, only just seen your msgs !!!! I never come on SG on the pc (always use phone) lol. I wasn't ignroring you!!! You must have thought...'You ignorant cow!' lol. Sorry chick!!!
    My name is Becca by the way :) Yeah we should, I haven't met any Geeks yet! haha xxx
    In case you're all wondering who I am... I recently changed my username (thanks to NaturalNails) to VerdePurdy, formerly emily.case! xx
    Hi Emily

    I really need to update the photos of my kids now as Lucy is three and Thomas is five now. They are cute, but hey, don't be fooled, they are still cheeky little monsters. I went to professional beauty today and have gone crazy buying loads of glitters and nail bits and pieces. I have only been doing gel for less than a month now, but have been doing Shellac for some time now, but I really love the nail art and different looks. Just got to find the time to play with my nail stuff now. xxxx
    Hi Emily

    Really love your work. Did you do a nail art course? Or just learn as you go? You really should put your prices up to full wack now.

    Julie x
    Hi Emily your work is gorgeous! A question! What do you use for you freehand nail art? As in what brush. I find my brush isn't small or stiff enough. X
    Hi Emily, lovely to find you on here. Its all new to me still really. I just love SG. Really gave me some confidence back. Catch you later. xx
    You left a message under one of my pics asking how i did the zebra prints tips :p So I got the right person x LOL
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