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    Threading practice

    Practise on a friends forearm xx
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    Halloween nail art?

    Tim Burton's Corpse Bride inspired - Victor and Emily. I did a similar set last year :)
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    Nail art!

    Check out the "what nails are you sporting today" thread for ideas and inspiration! Xx
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    If I were you I would by CND Additives - you can mix these with your clear acrylic powder to create custom colours and you can use them with gel polish to create designs too. They are versatile and last ages! I wouldn't recommend doing a coloured acrylic overlay as it's difficult to change the...
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    Not sure what to do!

    Perhaps something like, "Hi [name] :) I was thinking I hadn't heard from you for a while and just wanted to check in to ask how you're doing! Xx" It's not too personal, it's not purely business either. Good luck with it, it's really tough knowing where the line is sometimes. Xx
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    The selfie thread!

    The boyfriend and I!
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    Dare you to press paste! No cheating!

    Sounds exciting Bec! Xxx
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    The selfie thread!

    Hi! :)
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    Your Vinylux top 10 please

    Cream puff Beau Grapefruit Sparkle Cake Pop Tutti Frutti Wildfire Masquerade Tropix Lilac Longing Rubble Pink Bikini and Tinted Love are really popular too but you asked for 10 ;) Xxx
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    Shrinking free edges using Mica

    I double topcoat with additives too. Or I use clearly pink and then topcoat to reduce soak off time! This method can also be used for chunky glitter. Xxx
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    Storage in home salon

    I use bookshelves from IKEA! They're fab. Xxx
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    How much notice to put prices up?

    I gave a month's notice when I put mine up, it seemed to work and I lost one client (no biggie)! Xxx
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    Shrinking free edges using Mica

    If you double topcoat after applying the pigments that seems to stop the free edge wear. Xxx
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    Layering Vinylux?

    I bought little empty bottles of polish from eBay and mixed some Vinylux colours in them! It was great fun. Throw a ball bearing in there and shake shake Shake :) Xxx
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    Nailympia London

    MummyCat is right, it's about the experience! I've never entered competitions before either and I'm so nervous. The way I see it is I am not competing to win. I am competing to better myself and provide my clients with a better service (it will help me cut down my timing and learn to create the...