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    Complete newbie help!

    Hi Luntclaudia, I’m based in Wolverhampton too and have found it hard to find somewhere localish to train. I have just found a company in Lichfield - Michelle Carter -Nail & Beauty Academy. They are starting an evening VTCT level 3 in February next year. I’ve also come across Lavish Nails in...
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    VTCT level 3 diploma in nail technology

    That’s great, thank you. Just want to be sure I’m signing myself up to the correct course. Did you enjoy the course?
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    VTCT level 3 diploma in nail technology

    Hi, Can anyone advise if you have to complete level 2 VTCT or some sort of nail training before you can do the level 3? I’ve been speaking with Lavish Nails & Beauty and they told me I didn’t need any previous training but I’ve seen on other websites that there is usually a minimum requirement...
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    Young Nails or CND?

    Thank you :) that’s very helpful. I can’t wait to start training
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    Young Nails or CND?

    Is it better to train with a nail acadamey where you earn certificates from say Young Nails or is it better to do a VTCT level 3 diploma in nail technology?
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    Young Nails or CND?

    Thank you :) CND appears to be top dog from what I’ve read on here. I’ve searched and managed to locate a place in Birmingham but no classes available which I can attend just yet. There is an academy near by the does Young nails training which I am concidering. Just trying to make sure I pick...
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    Nail technician training

    Hi Jenn, Could I ask how you’ve found the VTCT training and where you have done it? I’m looking at training as a nail tech and just trying to find what is the best route to take. Thanks
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    Training in nails

    Sorry to jump onto your post but I too am trying to find my feet with all this and wondered if anyone could advise when it comes to training is it better to go for a VTCT diploma in nail technology or to study with an academy such as Staffordshire Nail Academy where you obtain accreditation with...
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    Young Nails or CND?

    Can anyone tell me which would be the best for me to train with? I am totally new to all this and can't decide which would be the best to start out with. Any advise would be greatly appreciated :)
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    Young Nails?

    Sorry to jump on an old post but what qualification do you get with Staffordshire Nail Academy?
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    Staffordshire Nail Academy

    Hi, has anyone used this company? Are you qualified to work on the public and get insurance after training with them?
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    CPD certification

    Thank you both. You’ve pretty much confirmed what I was thinking. I see that a lot of people recommend the CND training courses which do look good on their website but nothing seems to be coming up for the Birmingham branch. There doesn’t seem to be many options West Midlands area. I have come...
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    CPD certification

    I have always worked in offices but feel a change is required and have been looking into becoming a nail technician. I see many online cheaper courses and have just seen on Facebook New Skills Academy advertising an online course reduced from £299 to just £29 that is CPD certified and IAO...