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  • thanks for the friend request.dont be so hard on yourself,we've all been there.i certainly have a year or so after i passed.its hard to enjoy what you do when you dont feel your producing the nails you want to.i know this is something you've heard a million times before but all you can do is just keep practing and one day things will finally just click.
    something i would recommend is which i think you already doing is making sure you take before and after pics of evey set of nails you do because give things a few months or so and you will already see little improvements in your work and this will help boost your confidence and get you spark back.please ask if i can help with anything and good luck.xx
    Hi, right i think i've convinced her to NOT have butterfies!! She took her dress up today & it has some gorgeous crystals on the front, just so happens i have some nice diamontes & crystals that i bought abroad so i was saving them for a special occassion & since its her wedding day i reckon she should have them! Doing a trial on Fri so i'll try a few different ideas as well, doesnt help she's 7mth pregnant & just oozing hormones (in a comical way thank god) so anyway now we r going with the bridesmaid theme (Goldy kind o colour) so maybe a gold "french" or some Graffix? I'll be in touch with the final decision, tnx hon xxx
    Hi hon, i hope u dont mind me asking buuuuuuut (theres always a but lol) I have a mate who is getting wed on Feb 20th (nutcase brrrr) she has the worst ski-jump nails known to man & wants a nice simple french L&P job with a gold butterfly theme!! Do you have any ideas? Just now im thinking i'll file her nails back & play it safe with white tips if i can, its the design thing im worried about eeeeek any suggestions welcome xxxx
    im very quiet as i only do evenings at the mo as still have to work full time at the moment hopefully will all pick up very soon, xx
    Lace is hard to do though eh?? it doesnt want to do what it's told lol, they were lovely!!
    yip id agree! Keep ur Friends close & ur enemies even closer lol (but not after a few vino's) hehe x
    lol my 2 boys sit & do marbelling with me they love it! (I dont love the mess tho), Tnx for comment i take that as a huge compliment! Same kindo senario here small town small minds so im just finding my mojo again then im gonna make a comeback! xxx (Go you!!)
    Well its you guys that keep me & my Nail Mojo going lol, not doing any at the mo (well apart from friends & doodling) x
    Hi, tnx for request, ur Nail Art is brill!! I love looking @ everyones Nails never fails to amaze me! x
    Hi Had a look at some of you work i love the round spangles in your nails they look fab!! anyway thought id say hi as im in kent too x
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