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    Shellac Xmas colours?

    I am liking the soft shimmery colours. I just wish they would STOP releasing limited editions in these sets! It's beyond frustrating being forced to purchase something you don't use or need!!
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    Halloween stamper help

    bundle monster's holiday collection has some great Halloween plates :) I believe they have opened it up to buy plates individually now aswell
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    Messy mansion plates

    Wistonia plates have nice large images as well Sent from my SGH-I337M using SalonGeek mobile app
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    Custom nail "paperweight" thingys

    wow, I can't believe it got to you already! Looking forward to seeing it completed :D
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    Custom nail "paperweight" thingys

    I was the one that posted the link on the other thread. I would LOVE to see a pic once you receive it!! :D ETA: I liked the Picture Dome's Facebook page as well ;) Awesome job ladies!
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    How To-black/white nail?

    ebay is a good place for it :)
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    How To-black/white nail?

    paint nail white - once dry/cured apply striping tape in chevron pattern and paint black - remove tape - allow to dry/cure - top coat
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    What's more popular?

    no, it's a UV cured polish like Gelish or any gel polish
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    Instagram Inspiration

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    Nail magazine subscriptions

    I'm not in the UK so haven't tried scratch yet (one day I'm sure I'll pay the international subscription price ;) ) but I have NailPro and Nails Magazine
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    What's more popular?

    since introducing Shellac 2 years ago I think I've done regular polish maybe 5 times. And even that is usually on a regular clients daughters. My most requested service is sculpted gel sets then Shellac...but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't use it.
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    Salon software for mobile person

    I love
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    mine at the moment :)
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    Online salon calendar and booking system
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    a few sets I've done you can see Christmas season has hit lol last one is mine - I'm changing product lines and tested out Light Elegance on myself....just a boring clear overlay (for now ;) )