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  • Hi can I loan the ball of wax DVD pls ..sasha crace Cawley house Cambridge rd puckeridge herts sg111sa.
    Hi Emma,
    Is Geekbay still down? I've got some products I'm trying to sell on. Any ideas?
    Many thanks,
    Gemma x
    Hi Emma, i was just reading your comments on the thread about lava shells as you seem very enthusiastic i was wondering if you could help me. I am a level 4 beauty student (salon management) and part of my assignment is to research a chosen beauty product. i was very interested in lava shells and found out a lot of info about them. what i cant seem to find anywhere is how much they can be bought professionally or how much are the sachets when bought individually as part of my assignment is drawing up a sales forecast. I would be really grateful for your help, thankyou.
    Just seen the inormation with regards to this thread. Can you tell me if there is anywhere on here I can mention about selling my salon.
    Hi Emma
    Could you tell me why Geekbay was closed & where you would recommend selling profession products now as I don't really want to put them on Ebay for Jo Public?
    Many Thanks
    Hi Emma,

    I was having a nosy through your photos and noticed you said you had three salon racks. Did you find somewhere at sells them or did you buy both salon rack A and B and one of them twice? I am wanting two more racks but cant seem to find any.

    hi just added message about guinot machine, not sure if i did it right, just remembered picture on gumtree
    Hi Emma
    Just a quick query.....Could I offer items for free on Geekbay? Or maybe just suggest donating to a charity? Not that I have anything in particular yet but I was just wondering as the things I have in mind, I don't really think they are worth much and I wouldn't want to bin them!
    Many thanks
    Georgie :)
    How do I delete or close a post in Geekbay. I am not selling the remaining items so have nothing left to sell and people still getting in touch. x
    Would I get into trouble if I put my car on Geekbay lol It is a Jag but economical, AWD and has a boot to die for - perfect for mobile techs who want something a bit posh like hehe ;) xxx
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