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  • Hi Emma! I havent been busy with Minx. However, I have had a few queries, so hopefully, I will get some booked for Xmas. The cheetah patterns are my most popular ones too! xx
    Hi Emma, I got my tweezer scissors that I use for minx trimming from, you can get them from any craft shop though for about £4.70, if you get them from the above website, you will pay just over £5 with the delivery. Lisa x
    Hi, Emma, looking for names I recognise (lol) as I haven't been on in several months due to home problems and there are so many new people on here now. Can you tell me, if it's not too sensitive, how Adele Keegan is? Been thinking of her so much lately. Thanx Babs x
    Fantastic! You minxed someone. Your timing was quite good for the first time! The real Minxers take about 45 minutes. I got my kit in August and take about 60 minutes at the mo as I havent done that many yet....They do last for ages on toes, so no worry there. I havent done many on hands.... I'm not familiar with the black lamp. I've got the huge white one... Well done you! XX
    Tried to rep you again but need to spread the love! Fab advice re the friend opening a salon down the road!
    Hi Emma, thank you very much for the information on the callus peel photos. Sorry I keep popping on here without saying thank you to you! XX
    Cool, will definitely keep you posted! Sorry for the delay... had another backlog to get through this week as well as taking a couple of days out at the start of the week to integrate PayPal in with my stuff...
    Hi Emma

    Just to let you know... I'm planning to do some more work on that email thingy at the weekend :)
    Thanks for the info on dashing diva it made sense x I've just sent my certificate to S2 so will order some as soon as my account is set up. Could i ask what sort of price I should charge, thanks in advance x
    Hi Emma, thanks for the comments on my pics. I would charge £20 for shellac on toes, and probably an extra £5 for the art (i.e. minx and diamontes). Its a really good way of using up left over minx. Yes, I applied the minx strip first, then the base coat over the whole nail (minx too), then applied the colour down each side of the minx, 2 coats, then applied the striping tape and diamontes and then a top coat to cure. So far it hasn't moved, and still looks good so hoping it lasts longer with the Shellac, I'll let you know how long I get from them, but will probably change them in a couple of weeks as clients like to see me wearing different designs, lol. x
    Thanks for commenting again on my pic.. I did it the very same as the one for fingers... I was tempted to use two coats of negligee and then the white but I was afraid it would leave a little dip in the nails, so it's one coat negligee white and then very thin coat of negligee again (as I wiped a little off trying to clean up the white to get them as perfect as I could)
    Awh thanks so much for the nice comments on my Shellac pic... I used negligee first and then cream puff ( I sharpened the smile a little with a gel brush) then another layer of negilgee.... God I just couldn't wait to open the parcel and get that Shellac stand out and look at the colours... a client came in just as I was putting the stand on my nail station and she asked if she could try it (I was like... "are you serious??.. I can't WAIT to have a play") my clients are loving Shellac and I love wearing it myself.. it's so so nice and so easy to apply!!
    Hiya, thanks for the add! Ah that's such a shame!...not the wedding bit, that sounds just as much fun... But yes hopefully next year S2 will come up with another little gem! Hope you had a good Easter weekend! I stuffed myself silly with chocolate and am now suffering a major spot breakout! :( must try harder to resist the chocolatey delights from now on! :) xx
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