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  • Hi Em, i am sorry you were ill and had to cancel, it is always a shame when you have to do that isnt it hun. Glad you got your shelving you will have to put some more pics on of the salon? yes i did enjoy easter i did an easter hunt in the garden for the kids, god i was knackered after lol

    Glad you on the mend.
    take care
    Hi hunny, hows things going with you? did you get your shelving unit and sort your treatment room out? sorry i have not been in touch had a lot on lol
    hope you have a nice easter.
    take care x
    Thank you for your comments, lol! I got the tall shelving unit from ikea! They do it in white, natural and a dark wood. You can actualy fix it to a wall on its side as a really nice block shelf unit. Im in the middle of redecorating my salon at the mo. Its changing to taupe/oameal/white ala cnd almond manicure type colours. Im fed up with the pink, lol. I will get piccys on when i get it finished!
    Hey, about time you got pics on lol
    hope you had a nice time on your travel to Australia?
    your room is fab hun at least i can put your name to your face now lol
    i am glad busy going good for you, not really not been doing much as got alot on at the moment with doing hair course and trying sort salon out and trying help a friend out as well while she as her baby in her home salon, so it is all go lol
    hope you are well?
    take care
    thanks for your comment about my home salon :) And yes I did get the lucky bamboo from B&Q lol! had it in my lounge for about six months but thought I`d move it upstairs so a bit of good luck could rub off! x
    Hey hun, how are you? you busy? you will have to put some pics on here.
    take care
    Does anyone have any Facial electrical machines for sale? I'm looking for Galvanic, High Frequency and Microcurrent the Carlton machines would be ideal!
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