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  • Hiya Kayleigh,

    I am sorry, I am trying to work this all out still, they have come through as notifications on my email! I am not too sure, the kit looks lovely and I like it..I need to see how much I can buy glue and tweezers for ect...I will come back to you as soon as I know if I can get them....If you get any offers in the mean time then thats totally fine aswell...I hope thats ok xxx
    Hi Emma

    Yes the eve taylor kit is still available -1 mask looking for around £100 ono plus p+p.x
    Hiya hunny,
    I dont know if my mails are sending, but are you interested in the eyelash kit at all?
    Thanks alot, kindest regards Kayleigh x x
    Hi there, hope you find somewhere good closer to home, will definately keep you posted when other training centres open.
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