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    Waxing black skin

    Does anyone have any thoughts on what’s best for Indian client I took so much longer than I normally do with waxing I ended up going back and fourth between hot wax and strip wax! thank you x
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    Massage bed re-covering

    Thank you x
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    Massage bed re-covering

    Hi TheDuchess is this the kind of thing you mean.... I’ve been trying to find something that’s more comfortable for my clients. thank you Emily
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    Heavy duty toenail clippers

    Hi, Any recommendations on heavy duty toenail clippers for extra hard thick toenails please. Tweezerman toenail clippers aren’t wide enough for some of the clients toenails! Also I find hand cramps up so need some heavy duty ones please!
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    Eyelash tinting for client

    Thank you yes I agree just wanted to get other peoples views thank you so much x
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    Eyelash tinting for client

    Hi, Just wanted some advice please. I’ve had a client message me asking about selling them an eyelash tint kit I don’t really know if this is something I feel comfortable with we are in lockdown so I can’t work at the moment I’m just worried as can’t imagine it’s easy doing it on your own! I...
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    Please help! Lip waxing people who wear ppe/face masks

    I had a client that had a bit of irritation after lip and chin wax I waxed her in the morning and in the evening she said felt bit uncomfortable and became red. I asked her what she had been up to that day turns out she had been shopping all day. So I now mention to clients to let face air after...
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    Facial product recommendations

    I use Kaeso it’s a fantastic brand. The facial kits are great for retail. I have met with a rep about Tropic and although the skin care is nice it isn’t a product you can use professionally even if they try and convince you it is! There are so many brands out there the reason I chose Kaeso are...
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    Body exfoliation treatment

    Espa do one exfoliating body polish that you can just dry mitt off once it’s worked into skin. I love Kaeso’s Body exfoliators I use them in pedicures. You will need to use wet mitts to remove the Kaeso scrubs. Also Kaeso is more cost effective than Espa. Hope that helps!
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    Pregnancy massage

    Hi, thank you yeah I’ve been busy with mums to be too! Thank you x
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    I hate my CND lamp, am I the only one?

    I use the LEDdot lamp by light elegance can order through cnd it’s best lamp I’ve ever used can order through sweet squared and see you tube for more info! I still use CND shellac with light elegance lamp none have my clients have ever mentioned it being a different brand but if they did it’s...
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    Pregnancy massage

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to ask your advice! Is everyone doing pregnancy massage since lockdown? And any extra measures put in place for pregnant clients?