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  • Great to see you...could do with some Harmony experts...some very confusing threads lately with people getting their Gelish hard gel, structure gel, builder gel confused ! I only do Gelish and Structure so can't really help :(
    Hi Emma, sent a friend request for you on fb, could you return the like at Liz's Nails - Home salon, many thanks, I'm trying to get to 30 likes ..
    Hi, I was looking at all your nails and wondered when you do you're opposite hand is as good as the other? And do you change them regulary , is so how do you keep your nails underneath in good condition? :) xx
    Please can anyone give me advise on Gelish? I dont do the treatment but the therapist that does finds sometimes it doesnt cure correctly we have even changed the nail lamp? she is extremely experienced with gel acrylic nails but considering leaving gelish.
    Your application routines would be great with curing times!
    any advice/comments would be so appreciated!
    Nail Buff
    Basecoat - set for 2 mins
    Apply Colour set for 3 mins
    Apply another coat if needed - set again for 3 mins
    Top Coat set for 3 mins
    wipe clear with nail cleanser

    Hit and miss with curing, wishy washy even with 2 coats depending on colour
    Hi Emmsybabes!
    I have just joined Salon Geek to find advice on Gelish, I have posted on the Gelish Lovers but was given your name for help too! Hope you have time to read my post and look forward to your advice!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks xxxxx
    Ems in text I can confuse myself, let alone what I must do with anyone else lol xxx
    Just to clarify, in the actual topic I said it sounded like you were saying it was the products fault but I meant the implication, NOT that you had actually meant that IYKWIM..............
    No, I didn't think you were slating them but it got me thinking about the whole 'no bubbles since I switched brands' thing you see so often. My message in your profile earlier was because I thought you'd taken me as implying you'd slated CND. Gawd, does that even make sense now?
    Ems, thanks for acknowledging me in the NH topic, its possible I misunderstood you I think but its just something I have a bee in my bonnet about in general as so often it reads, no matter who posts, like its a product issue. Hope you could see what I meant though xxx
    Hiya, I get your info sent though from facebook all are great, but wondering you were such a massive shellac fan why have you changed!! i'm having problems with shellac chipping, lifting and the lack of colours... really want to try something else but have invested a lot in shellac, what do you think i should do i value your opinion, P.s I live very near limelight so and work in the area too.
    Yes flower, the new job is doing nails. Cant wait to start, Im vegitating being stuck at home all the time lol. x
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