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  • Hiya flower - I ok, finally got a new job - starts in 2 weeks, so am quite excited about that. Hows you doing anyway flower - any goss? xx
    H i can write on it now. ah tell them thankyou very much. i thought you had a salon. Do you just do mobile or work from home? xxx
    OHH emmsy, help, Im crap at this,,lol, I dont know hot to navigate SG, I have been on here for 2 yrs yet only know the main forum. PM me xx
    Sent you the Shellac Vid today hunni. Just so you know, Shellac is IN if you need anything order pronto! Things beginning to flow through now so don't panic. lol xxx
    Hi Emma, wow dont offer the pay as you earn scheme any more, it never took off, xxx
    hey babe !!! great news the spa day is such a fun class xx glad you enjoyed it xx took me a while to love the feet thing but think of the ££ he he xx yep mega busy this time of this year !! xxxx whats your next class??
    Hi Ems, the Ikea bag is awesome. I do use a metal case for my enhancement products but the black bag carries my Brisa lamp, Daylight lamp, extension lead, bin, Scrubfresh, Cuticle Away, wipes, specs....... Everything I need to each service I do. It's sturdy, tough and has wheels - perfect!!

    Hth's xxxxx
    Oh I have Busy as a friend ..... That would be great, What would be better ..... for me to come to Runcorn and we could get the train together or ..... work it that we get on the same train to Nuneton "somehow" I am lousy with directions & travel so Im with you just go were I get told to go and get on & off when I am told to lol. I have just set up an MSN account so if youwant to add me its karenj65@hotmail.co.uk Thanks hun & will message Jen. xxx
    No Im not on msn, but yes I was going to get the train Fri afternoon/eve, whats Jen`s geek name? Would there be room for another Geek do you think?
    Helloo hun long time no hear, how are you? Still at the salon?. I am in Sunny Rhyl not too far from you. How are you getting there? Do you fancy meeting up if your travelling by train?
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