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  • I thought it was 10% I picked up but it must defo be 12% because it is really dark. It is runny but I couldn't get it into my head how to change it because theres like the twisty thing at the back and the thing at the front that turns. I'm sure I'll get there, not sure he's going to let me spray him again though, might need to find a new volenteer lol. x
    Hi, I had to send you a message because I tried my tanning kit on Saturday lol. My course is 16th September so I got on youtue and had a look. I did my bfs legs I thought I used 10% but now think maybe I've used 12% because they are dark lol. It didn't turn out too bad though but I don't think my gun is set up quite right. x
    Thanks for your help letting me know my solution choices were good, it's a bit scary going for tanning its nothing like nails that I'm used to lol x
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