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  • Suze! Good news.....glad to hear you made it and hey, stuff happens for a reason. Give me a ring when you get half a moment you want to spare! The bank job sounds really interesting....I'm intrigued. 021852356. Ciao bella N
    Hey Suze! No hear in long time......are you settled in Tawa? Whats going on girl?

    Tawa? AWESOME! Much closer.....we were looking for a place over there when our lease expires....we decided to stay on this side of the hills, but you will only be about 40 minutes away. EXCELLENT!!!!
    Suze, its all good. Things are insane around here too...no worries at all! Just let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out OK? Peace N :)
    Hello my pretty....I've not forgotten you and I have everything ready to go to the post shop....just need to get TO post shop! Been busy at the girls' school and with some other crazy shiite these past two weeks....will send out TOMORROW, THURSDAY. Forgive me? N.
    Haha, yes, I am over the moon. And I still can't believe it. It's true, I didnæt think I had a chance at all, with me doing gel and the other doing l/p. I think there was one more doing gel, the rest were l/p. Well, I BEAT THE L/P! :-D
    for someone who hasn't been doing nails for long you are very talented. I have a small home based business (part time). I have 10 regular clients but have set myself a goal to double this over the year. I really wish you well, it is so hard starting out, I found I did a lot of freebies but never retained a single one, the moment they had to start paying they quit coming.
    If you discover any really good nail art suppliers can you let me know. Cheers.
    thanks for the friend invite. Am always keen to match up with other New Zealanders. when did you train as your nails look pretty stunning? How is the home business going for you?

    Hi Enhanced- Barbie - Hope it's a gorgeous sunny day where you are too this morning.. Just quickly checking in on Salon Geek before I head off shopping with a friend. Have a great day.
    Hey just noticed a few of the posts you have sent and sounds like were in the same boat with alot of things :) Im living in a silly area with nothing that caters for what i want to do, i would like to be a nail tech and then branch out to doing beauty treatments facials eyelash tinting etc. I have trained for nearly a year in hairdressing. I am about to strat my training with american nails in march (noticed you mentioned that in one of your posts also) SO and HOPING to strat my own business form home
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