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  • hi eni just dropping by to say hi as I see we're both from the hutt valley, i did my ezflow course last august. How are you?
    Hi Nancy, I am in Tawa and all settled in, thanks for your message! I hardly get to come on here now, until I get my own place, sooo cant wait! I hardly get time for nails too :( Im working for the bank now, in Wellington CBD so its an awesome career oppertunity for me, but very full on! Im one of the first employees doing what I do, so its all very new to the bank also, so means a lot of trial and error etc. Anyway hows things going in your world?? Take care xx
    morning!! Thanks, the infection is now gone but I look like crap and it is still painful .. but yes we are going because otherwise we will loose allot of money and at least I'm staying with my brothers so 'right at home' so to speak. If not for those things, I would have canceled it altogether. I'll be right!! Have a great weekend Eni. xx
    Hi Eni, this is Debbie T from NZ Nail Academy, feel free to checkout our website www.nznailacademy.co.nz and is you have any questions about any products or training please let me know. I can send you a sample of the Entity powdeer and liquid if you like. We have all of our products online for viewing. Regards. Debbie
    Hey :) Thanks, things will work themselves out, they usually do. I hope things aren't too crazy for you! I'm moving to Tawa! Is that closer to you? Ill be living in a caravan though so that sucks, but only temp so never mind ay!
    Hey! Sorry I did get your message but you know how slack I am... hey thanks for that, I've got a few extra stresses at the moment, so its really the last thing Im thinking about right now... trying to make sure we arent homeless and starving next week is more on my mind at the moment! Lol gotta laugh and carry on right. Thanks agen xx
    Hi, oh thanks matey, it was a mission, but she was so desperate i just had to help her! Im in Hamilton. Cass
    Hi Eni, thanks for the friend invite. How did you get on deciding on a company to train with?
    tried to rep you sweetie but I have to spread the love first, great answer on the nss/Vietnamese thread xxxxxxx
    It is crazy here. The towns of V.V., Hesperia, Adelanto, and Apple Valley have grown, major changes in the last 3 years.
    The traffic on BV is outrageous. Some of my clients live in Phelen & Baldy Mesa.
    The traffic is so overwhelming it actually takes me less time to drive from Barstow than across town/s in the Hesperia area.
    No, didn't know you were getting snow.....but I'm not completely surprised. I remember the first time I went to my bro's house when he lived in V'ville (Cabrillo Dr) and I woke up to snow and absolutely FREAKED OUT....it was gone by noon. After living there a year I kind of expected that it may well snow, but it won't last. Hows your temps there?

    If you took Bear Valley Road out past the mall and kept going over 395 and down it turns into Duncan Road. I think Baldy Mesa is now called Phelan. Its been a while.
    My first salon for the last 8 years is on Bear Valley Rd.
    The second is in Barstow.
    I've heard of Duncan road.
    Did you notice, It's been snowing here most of today.
    Hi, Just rang Paula in hamilton she sounds realy nice and ANS aren't doing TT stuff anymore nice of them to let everyone no grrrr Paula sounds realy nice she is e-mailing me a price list :) Hope your eziflow course is going well :)
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