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    Would you do wedding makeup without a trial?

    I have done it for 4 bridesmaids on a days notice. I made sure that signed something saying that they are liable for any allergies as they had not had a trial. I would be very uncomfortable doing a bride without a trial unless she has an exceptional reason. You might be lucky and have an easy...
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    Spray tanning help!

    There a few threads on here. Is the search function and you will find lots of advice and recommendations. (I love I OMG) X
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    If it doesn't work the first time?

    Completely agree through personal experience (twice) x
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    Other half 'cheats' at my Xmas party, with my workmates

    Just to echo most others. Get rid. That behaviour is unacceptable x
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    The Slave Subject on Channel 4?

    Don't really watch tv bit this sounds like it needs a watch. I'll be 4od-ing this later x
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    No party is complete until.....

    I'm a garage girl so 21 seconds, & flowers. I could go on (jaheim, lonyo, misteeq) x
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    Beauty | It's THAT Illamasqua Advert

    Some people will moan about everything. It's not racist but I don't "get" it x
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    Caviar with Shellac?

    As above I tried it with a gel polish. It looked stunning but didn't last longer than a day. I would do it for clients if they wanted it for a one night occasion x
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    First customer this afternoon-I'm scared!

    Good luck sweetie. So nerve racking! X
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    Good offer or not?

    I think it's a good idea but would you then have to do a consultation for massage and have the client expose their shoulders? This may take up a bit of time. Also if people are there for nails they may not want anything different. I would be more inclined to offer a hand and arm massage. Hope...
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    What are you thankful for?

    It's nice to do things like this. It's easy to forget some things when we get bogged down with everyday life x
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    What are you thankful for?

    I started this a while back which had some lovely replies x
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    French Manicure advice

    I was taught white then pink which as you say is more natural but if they like the white brighter I do opposite. Regarding number of white coats I find it depends on the quality and thickness of the polish. X
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    I'm definitely into Christmas too soon!

    ours done today. Also made some home made tree decs and paper chains. Such good fun. I love Christmas :-)
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    Mine tonight. V happy with these :-)